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Boundaries for Couples: The Essay — 21 Comments

  1. Thanks, Al, its all good now.
    As for the rest… April pointed me at your site a long time ago, and its really been just recently that I have been taking the time. I have learned so much and plan to keep doing that. I am not in a relationship (ive been avoiding for 12 years) but I am finding that as I move closer to wanting one, I need more skills, because whatever I was doing before was just not working for me.
    Sue (working hard)

  2. Dear Sue,
    Thanks so much for the “heads-up” about that link not working. Try it again.
    For the rest, thanks so much for you encouragement and thoughtful words.

  3. I'd love to download the PDF here, but alas, the link 404s and tells me the file cannot be found on the server. Any chance of repairing that?
    Additionally, thanks so much for your wisdom, I am enjoying some of the most illuminating and sensible stuff that I have had the pleasure of reading in many many years.

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