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How much should you tell? — 12 Comments

  1. Dear Sue,
    This topic seems very difficult for couples in our culture. Lying or keeping secrets seems a norm. With my partner we both work to continually build habits of candour. I've written on it often – target telling it all. The general principle I think is that both parties eventually commit to being willing to share anything that your partner want's to hear. That doesn't mean share everything. Some stuff our partner does we don't feel interested in.

  2. I just read your essay giving your take on affairs from the lizards point of view and found it very interesting. I'm still curious about the level of transparancy you suggest for couples, which of course is related to the subject of affairs, or being in the dark, being in denial, secrets etc. My earlier question above was one example of my confusion of how when or why to share all, or not share all. Any further insight on this topic would be of great value. Thank you! Sue

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