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Mirroring: The Skill — 2 Comments

  1. I think it is so much easier to show what Mirroring and Validation and PreValidation and Pulling are. These are skills and are not theories – tho many theories support their application. I suggest you try the Class on Mirroring or any of the articles I've written on Communication. Mirroring is a skill teaching tool and the skill taught is “how to smoothly and easily make other people feel heard.”
    Validation and PreValidation are specific skills all there own.
    On thing you might consider is connecting to an Imago Therapist or an Imago workshop.

  2. Hi Al,
    I have been reading about mirroring, prevalidation, and pulling…I think I havent quite grasp the theory yet. does mirroring means repeating of being said? and when to use validation? phrases like “I understand how u feel”, “I know”, “I understand” wouldn't those a a bit ambiguous because no one really understand how others feel right? or could you give some examples of appropriate validation phrases?

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