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Earn it or Spend it: Interpersonal Capital — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry to take so long to get to this as it is a great question. Simplest answer is kind of like using your charge card, to buy anything you want. That's the spending. It's getting your partner to do for you something you want, that they might not want to do. Thousands and thousands of things come to mind.
    Bring you a cup of coffee
    Empty the trash
    Rub your back and shoulders
    Make dinner
    Vacuum your car
    Make love with you
    Hold your hand
    Cut down that annoying tree in the back yard
    Cut you some slack when you forget
    Etc. etc.

  2. Dear Al
    I can follow this analogy fairly well, except for the limitations on spending. Does a spending action have to be considered detrimental? If not, what examples would you give for positive spending?

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