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  1. Hi,
    I have been dating my husband for 11 years and only married a year and a 1/2. About 3 months ago, I asked him if he was ok and got the suprising answer that he was not sure if he wanted to be married and he never thought he would lose feelings for me and never wanted this to happen. We are both only 29 and have been together most of our adult lives. He lasted in a “confused” state in the house for a month when I found text messages from a 23 year old at work, not sure of what the content was but I saw the phone bill. He also had her number under “tim” in his phone book. When confronted he agreed that he talked to her too much and that was wrong but there is nothing there. My husband and I have so much in common and do everthing together. He has been out of the house for 2 months now and in the beginning he would call or e-mail and I would ignore him and it would make him contact me more. Then if we hung out you can tell he missed me and even told me that he loved me after dinner one night. I am living in the house and he is staying at his grandma's house that is up for sale and vacant. He stops by the house for silly reasons sometimes and I would like to believe its to run into me. Lately, we have had less and less contact and I am trying to be patient and let him be. He seems like he just wants to be my friend. The problem is that up to the day he left the house we were riding bikes and hanging out and still intimate with each other. If we are best friends and still physically attracted to each other, what part of a great relationship am I missing? I know I should be grateful that I dont; have kids and am still very young but I truly believe that we love each other. I am fearful that I am in denial and just hoping for something that is not there. I cant follow the steps you set forth if he is not contacting me anymore. I have contacted a lawyer and given him a settlement letter regarding the house that he had 10 days to respond and it has almost been a month. i am hoping the lack of response is a good sign.

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