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Relationship Posters for the Wall — 9 Comments

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  2. Have these been updated or changed in the last few years? I remember printing many of these out when I was in session with you in 2009-2010. Now either my memory is failing me or many of these have changed their wording by either adding words or changing words. Am I hallucinating?

    • ha never mind, they are different I see the other page of one-liners now those are the ones I’m familiar with here: https://www.alturtle.com/archives/1348

      I like these ones a little better than the ones I’m familiar with, these seem to be a little nicer. Like ” am never to blame for their feelings. I am never responsible for their upset. However, I can help!” the other one-liner leaves out the “I can help” probably for the reason this is for relationships lol

  3. Al,
    That helps a lot. Thanks. And “All people are doing their best at any given moment – Even me” is a “top row” poster for me. Right next to “Be comfortable with the idea that you did it wrong – yesterday! Don't avoid it. Embrace it!”, which I have also found to be very helpful to remember.

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