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“Your Stuff is Never My Fault” — 2 Comments

  1. Al. This is Bill Shafer (yes the Edson one.) My wife and I are beginning to taste of your wisdom. The little I’ve sampled gives me hope that a bigger bite will be very helpful as we, even after 47 years of marriage, are struggling with some issues. More accurately, I’m struggling; of course my troubles bring both of us to the table. I look forward to continuing reading, and perhaps partaking of some of your courses.

    I know you are a blessing to many. Thanks for your contributions.

    I look forward to chatting with you.

    • Hello Bill, It’s a long time from 1964. Good memories.

      While I was practicing, I met quite a few couples who had been together for many years and yet something had pushed them to dig further. I recall thinking that they probably had solved lots of problems, but had left the tricky ones for last. I’m sure we could chat and figure things out. Just drop me an email.

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