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What to do when he/she won’t talk to you. — 239 Comments

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  2. Someone misunderstood me. Now every time I try to talk to them about the misunderstanding, they refuse to talk to me. It’s terrible that we can go a whole life time not communicating with people on the basis of one person’s perception. You can only say you are sorry in hopes that works for them to come back to you. Life is too short, if the threads of an argument or misunderstand never pull straight, it’s a waste of energy that rests on troubled mind…. and maybe just the person who wants to contact. Thus, heartbreak.

    • I wish we were all brought up in a culture that didn’t train us to use
      Bullying in our normal communication. As we learn, we discover people don’t understand us AND we’ve driven them away. Wildly dis functional! Oh well. Gotta make mistakes in order to learn. Keep a going.

  3. This is an issue that has been in a long time not discussed. My daughter is very closed off. She is rather cold for me that says she loves me. I’ve always thought we were close but now I don’t feel close. She is 45. She remembers her dad and I fighting a lot and her brother consoling her. I don’t remember his incidences. It is very painful to bring up and maybe we don’t really need to talk about it. Should I find a time ? How do I get closure in this?

    • Hi Lynn, my general rule is that it is always better to talk about it than to be silent. Closure likely comes after you really understand her sense and she understands yours.
      Good luck.

  4. In 3-5 years from now, hopefully we can all look back at this topic and it won’t even matter, anymore, a person we were feeling bad about not talking to us… I recommend every January, just write those people off and embrace new folks that come into your life, and forget the rest.

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