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    • Dear Christelle,  

      Actually back in 1970 I was asked that question by the professor in charge of the Counseling program at the university.  I didn’t have much of an answer at all.  He smiled at me and told me that I was admitted to the program because he thought I so badly needed it.  He was right. And I was lucky. I’ve learned a lot since then.  

      I’ve shared a lot on this topic (link), but am always interested in other people’s views of Emotions and Feelings.  I may learn more. Share more how you define them and see them as different.   

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    • Back in 1970 when I was applying for graduate school in counseling, the “professor” asked me to name some emotions.  I stumbled around, naming probably 6.   He let  me in the program because he said that I obviously needed it.  …. I’ve come a long way.  Good luck to you. 

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