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Feelings and Emotions: The Essay, Part One — 9 Comments

  1. Curious in reference to emotions vs thoughts in the context that all emotions are not only reflective of past experiences (memories) but also the present state of mind also encompassing any current environmental factors.These must be considered relevant in relation to an action occurring. As we react to a situation, symbols – verbal and visual – are we not relying on the core basic thought pattern that is most paramount for all species – Survival ? Therefore I wonder if the topic regarding the chicken and the egg need to be discussed.
    I wish to say this is the first article of yours I have read and intend to follow up with additional research of your past articles.
    Thank you for the insight..
    Enjoy the Day – with PMA

  2. Dear Al Turtle,

    I refer to your essay about Emotion vs Thoughts.

    I love your writing style! You make it so easy for a new comer to grasp the concept in the most simple way. I would like to read more of your essays…where can i look them up?

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