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Triage: Seeing trouble in Relationships Around You — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Al,
    Just commenting on another of your articles. I like to think that I am a group B person – even though my partner left (as I have elucidated to in various other of your essays) and the whole thing has been so totally devastating, I have learnt so much and am still engaged in the process of openess. I desperately (yup) tried to get my partner to seek help with my together – but he always refused – but I pushed on with my own learning and seeking to make myself a better person. i have found this site invaluable, and if I could have I would have sought help in person (I'm in Australia) as I have not come across any relationship experts who share your views here Al. As much as I did not want the outcome that has happened in my marriage – I have learnt to accept that it is something I have no control over. 'You can lead a horse to water' and so on.

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