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Do you talk too much or too fast? — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting observations. I like the term “verbal flatulence”. Kinda mouth farting. I also like that sound of “threat” that you are leaving. “The one who can leave, has all the power.” But leaving doesn’t seem to work to make things better. I fear it’s just an exit. I would suggest you get better at the skill of practicing “leaving” and using less “threat.” It’s tricky.

    Oh and by the way, others can try to abuse you, but only you can let them be successful. Tis one of the things I’ve learned. Good luck.

  2. Al –

    This is NOT a Hal Holbrook warm-‘n-fuzzy evening with Mark Twain.

    This is despair.

    You (and my spouse) seem to think it is OK to dismiss your condition as something related to your childhood. You seem to think the fault is with us, that we can not understand your needs. Well if you stayed alone and in that childhood perhaps your “logic” would be sufficient. But you are not alone, and neither am I. You and I have a spouse and children with whom we owe genuine, unrestricted, real conversation. We owe them intimacy. And waiting for you to blow what ever is lerking in that unlimited sewer of verbal content that you call a mind will never give us a chance to share our souls with you.

    While you are blabbering on you are missing your chance at happiness. For the time being we want to untie with you in real verbal intemacy … we want to talk. But when we married it was with the understanding that we would share … not just the beef stew or the car or a house … but we would share our hopes and dreams, we would share each other, we would talk. How can that be if you talk without limit? How can that be if the kids and I feel like we are standing at some NYC intersection waiting for the stop light to turn green, knowing that it may be a long time coming?

    Face it, you are abusing us with your verbal flatulence. And until you can craft a converational style that intertwines you and us in love, then every word you manufacture drives us closer to leaving you.

    The choice and the risk is yours. Nothing is forever. How much loger do you want to play verbal roulette?

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