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“Tortoise Trainer” by Osman Hamdi Bei — 7 Comments

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  2. I bought a large postcard sized copy of this intriguing picture after seeing the original in the Pera Museum in Istanbul. I had actually gone to see an exhibition of Ferdinando Botero's work and was surprised at seeing this famous painting, completed 3 years before Hamdi Osman Bey's death, on the first floor. Well worth a visit next time you're in Istanbul!

  3. I love that picture too… so much !! I saw it in the archeological museum in istambul and I was facinated… I too could not take my eyes off it. I looked for a copy in the museum's bookshop and in several shops in Istambul but never got either picture, postcard or book in wich it was reproducted.
    I would wright of the experience I had wit a group of ney students in a very small and facinating place near a Mosque in a old part of Istambul… I'll do if anybody ist reading thi comment, because I have some difficulties in writing Englisch, I'll do only if anybody has read this commen and would wright me back…

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