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  1. I am the grandaughter of Minnie Rickman who was born a Kelso. I am 80 and my mother, her daughter was born in 1914 or 1915 in Sandpoint. Minnie would have been born in the late 1800’s. We were always told the Kelso’s and another family were the first homesteaders in the area and both women were pregnant and expecting around the same time so they agreed to name the lake after the one born first. I have the history of that side of that side of the family packed away, I would have to search for it. The resort owners even allowed us to plant a tree in Grandma’s name in the early 90’s. Grandma’s first husband was a Spurrier so my Mom and 3 siblings, he died in Sandpoint. Grandma remarried to Grandpa Rickman they 3 more children.

    We should talk, I assume we are perhaps some how related.

    • Minnie Georgianna Kelso Spurrier Rickman
      BIRTH 26 JUL 1891 • Granite, Kootenai, Idaho, United States

      DEATH 7 MAR 1984 • Spokane, Spokane, Washington, United States

  2. Hi there I know this was a a very old blog so not sure who will see this; but if someone comes searching for it like I did, I wanted to leave this breadcrumb. My mother always told me the story about how one of our relatives (I’m not sure if it’s my grandmother-born in 1914 or a great aunt) was the first baby born to the two families that first settled near there, and our family (my grandmother’s maiden name was Kelso) won, so that’s what they named the lake. I haven’t been able to check out when the area was actually settled or find any birth certificates even, it’s just family lore at this point.

  3. Hi, I grew up by Kelso Lake and am interested in its history. I hope you have some that you could pass along.

    Thank you,

    • Sandra and I lived next to Kelso Lake up Beaver Lake Road from 1984-2013. While we drove buy it almost daily on our way to Coeur d’Alene, we didn’t gather much of its stories. Sandra spent time on the history of the Clagstone Ranch and the area to the west by the rail station. She wrote a history and we even went to California one time to visit the Clagstone kids. Fun area of the world. Some of the elders by the lake must know a bunch and the Historical Society in Sandpoint might be helpful.

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