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Being Dialogical & Avoiding MasterTalk — 2 Comments

  1. Al,
    I had pointed some people to your essay on why you preferred Obama last night and someone commented about how they had never heard of Dialogical and MasterTalk so I pointed him here. I also commented how I make a conscious effort to avoid MasterTalk these days (well, truth to tell, its more and more unconscious as time goes on) . I commented how when I post on message boards I do my best to almost always comment in a dialogical manner. This morning, someone responded and I thought some people here might get some value out of this response. Certainly I found it validating. Here was the comment:
    “Thank you very much for this post. It really resonated when you described the way of speaking that you are doing, it really gives room to others and I have noticed what a relief I feel when I read your posts as you express yourself that way. It feels really expansive to me , like there is room for real sharing and not dogma. I found the Al Turtle site when you mentioned it the other day and it has been tremendous for learning new ways. Your input has been so valuable to me! Thank you so much for your help these last few days. ”
    I've thanked you many times in the past for this site Al and all the value I've received from it, especially as I practice the suggestions here, and I'm going to thank you again now.

  2. I really like this description of a 'win-win' situation. It seems that many times people get hung up on having their side win. The bit I like is:
    'Each person senses that they got the best they could given the needs of the group and other people within it. “This is the best I can achieve for myself in this community, and best you can achieve.” '
    It seems like your major idea is that people are not 'supposed' to agree. This seems at variance with what most people hope will happen in a relationship. However, I think the fact is that most couples do not agree on many things. So, perhaps this is the reality. It's not the rose-tinted glasses that people might like, but it can make it possible to live together peaceably.

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