Hello world!

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Well there is good news and bad news.  AND more good news and bad news.

4/2  My main website that was active since 2005 has closed. 🙁 This is my new website. 🙂  I will be migrating all my articles from my old website here.  Since many of you have been linking to my articles I hope to make those links work, but who knows.  I will do my best.

4/4 I found out about this on Monday, 4/2.  As of tonight, 4/4, I'm told the files are still on the way.   Tomorrow I will try to at least post links to my most commonly read papers.

4/5 Well all the files are here, but links are not working most of the time.  I will be working on that.  I imagine I have upward of 400 links in these papers.  It may seem like FUBAR to many of you.  Use the Search function.   And there is a menu on the right that has the papers  in their folders.  Good luck.

4/6 Looking at the structure and menus and font sizes.  Wondering what would be most helpful.  Still learning about the difference between WordPress and my old familiar Blogware.  Sadness is that so many links were lost, cuz I didn't hear about the changeover soon enough.  Google searches just don't find the right articles yet..

4/9 Had a crunch time yesterday.  Was feeling pretty lost.  Couldn't get any links to work.  And I was able to see that you all were trying to get to my site.  Wrote for Help from Cloud Press.  Guy really helped.  Many links are now working.  Probably got  several hundred to add, but at least 35 are working.  Hooray.  

4/11 Still rebuilding the links so that everything works.  Put in about 80 or so.  

4/13 Still have troubles.   Working at it more slowly.  Could be my age.  Bear with me.  

7/15 All links rebuilt and ALL IS OK, I think.  Getting between 200 and 500 visitors per day.  I am working on cleaning up articles just to make the read easier.  And I am adding a few.  

Thanks for bearing with me.  I apologize to my faithful and curious readers for the surprise and inconvenience.



Hello world! — 4 Comments

    • I am here, but am still struggling with all my links which were lost in the migration. The files are here. I will figure it out eventually. Glad you are there.

  1. So sad I just found your site. Have been engrossed in reading your writings. Will be glad when they are back on line.