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What to do when he/she won’t talk to you. — 205 Comments

  1. Well first of all thanks for posting this. I wish I had learned my lesson, 15 years ago when I was trying the “push” method to get some young woman to talk to me again, via email. Boy was that DUMB. It almost cost me my job and ruined my life, as she got an attorney and Human Resources involved, as she was not responding to any of my communications in an attempt to get her to communicate with me.

    I’m wiser and would advise that nobody ever try to communicate again with someone of the opposite sex, especially man to woman, after she’s ignored him, or communicated “do not talk to me”. Any communication after that first attempt can be used in COURT against you as Harassment and you can be charged with STALKING (sorry just have to empasize this) – a permanent misdemenor filed on your record – not a good career move! Its embarrassing and shameful to have courts involved, and all your communications aired out in the open for other eyes to see (jury, lawyers, judges, CNN, police, CNN). is it worth it? Most likely NOT! It will cost you not only a black mark on your record, but attorney fees, 5 years of probation and imprisonment, fines, court costs, and shame amongst your family and friends.

    I hope this helps someone else going through this and they realize the ramifications, before going any further. In my case, it was a woman whom I was friends with who also worked at an organization my company was also affiliated with. We had sent each other dozens of emails, had many lunches together, I was in attendance with some of her other friends at some gatherings she organized, and once an evening at her place when she was going thru a tough time with her boyfriend at the time. I think she was fond of me as a friend, like many other guys, but I did some things to burn the bridge and then tried to aplogize, and she didn’t want any further contact, and that was THAT! And I should have left things alone, but I persisted and soon HR got involved and they warned me that she was getting legal counsel and they would have to terminate me if anything went further or she took legal action, which was well within her right, from the evidence that was presented to them.

    Going forward 15 years, I’m married, I have a wonderful wife and son, a nice job and home, and am very happy , but if legal action had taken place, my life would be very different today. I haven’t given much though to her lately, and figured I’d never see her again, but last month, I was in confession line at a chapel, with my son, and this woman obviously didn’t recognize me (I’m put on 100 lbs in the last 15 years!) and at first I didn’t recognize her either – and she asked, “Is there a priest hearing confessions in there?” And I went into “yes there is, there’s a guy who’s been in there awhile and he would be done any minute now”, but I was just shocked to even see her – she was supposed to have moved away thousands of miles with her husband to the other side of the country and of all places she was talking to me? I was in total shock thinking, “Holy cow she looks like this person…” and I thought my eyes were playing tricks and I moved my head closer to her to see better … It was weird for me and I’m sure weird for her, as she probably realized it was me, this person she had issues with 15 years ago, after a few seconds..

    Anyway, don’t worry, I will NOT be talking to this person again for ANY REASON. Let that can of worms stay in the ground. I found out from a friend that she has indeed moved back to the area with her family.. I just have to say that I’m eternally grateful that she didn’t pursue legal action against me for all the attempts I made to contact her after she was flat out ignoring me.

    Here is the law, that I wish I had known more about and wish I hadn’t had to learn the hard way!!!! Boy was I Dumb… and I think anyone who goes against this legislation is acting dumb, also. Be careful and don’t do it! Nobody is worth that kind of trouble. Find other friends, get a hobby, get shock therapy, get therapy in general if that’s what it takes, but whatever you do, leave that person the heck alone, or you may very well suffer the consequences of court action, and be sued – and if you’re lucky you’ll have money in the bank and she’ll accept a settlement of a million dollars or more and it doesn’t go to court. But in most cases, people aren’t rich, and it goes to court and guy is SOL.

  2. Hello,
    I have this friend that I have been friends with for a long time. We are both in relationships with other people but there may be feelings there on both sides. Recently I reached out to him after not talking for 4 years. He would talk to me on the phone on my drive home from work. He has always told me to come and see him and has told me he loves me but I never did anything about it. My fiancée found out that I was talking to him because in an argument I told him which was dumb on my part. My friend told me he does not want to talk to me right now and told me to figure out what I am doing with my fiancée and let him figure out his stuff. I have been trying to talk to him because I miss him so much and actually realized im in love with him but he will not answer. Do i just need to give him his space and wait? He is deploying in January for 6 months and I would like us to be speaking again before he leaves. He is also not happy in his relationship and has not been for a long time and she knows he is not happy.

    • For me, KM, I was pretty confused by your posting. I’m imagining you and the others in you story are confused. I learned a long time ago if I want clarity, temporarily stop focusing on others and ask myself what I want. I think your friend has a good idea. Get clarity about your fiancée. The quickest and least expensive way to Vintage Love is through working with the one you got, not the one in the bushes Seems to me. This love thing seems magical but is really a matter of work. Move toward fixing the stuff going wrong with your fiancé Just my guess.

    • When is your wedding? Sounds like a real mess. You should delay the wedding until you figure things out or break it off – just a suggestion. Get some counseling from someone you trust IRL – another woman. If you’re missing this other dude that much, then its not fair to the guy you’re getting married to. You may never end up with this guy being deployed, but either way, ask yourself, if you broke up with your fiancee, would you miss him too or as much? Why are you getting married?

  3. Hi Al.
    My problem is more trivial than most, but I was hoping you could give me some advice. I was friends with a girl at work, we got on well but then after a disagreement she began to distance herself from me. Me being me I wanted to patch up any problems but only seemed to make matters worse. I see her at work probably four or five times a day and she will usually avoid me now. If we pass each other I will say hello and she will say hello back but I don’t push her for a conversation (she normally gives me short one word answers if I try for a conversation with her). After six months of this I have accepted that the friendship was never meant to be but I will always try to be civil. My problem comes from the fact that occasionally she will approach me and talk as if we never had a problem and I feel that things are improving only for her to go back to avoiding and silent treatment again. Do you have any idea why she does this? If she doesn’t want to talk to me that’s fine I will accept it but it is so confusing when she blows hot then cold.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Steve, I’m off for two weeks of vacation in Mexico. Since she switches clearly I bet this is something about her. Probably 30 years from now in your marriage she’ll still switch. But then you’ll understand why and be used to it. Remember all people make sense all the time. Good luck.

  4. Hello,

    Even though we are not together, we talk every day through phone and text, see each other at work and even go to church together. All of a sudden without anything she stopped talking, it’s going on 3 days, should I still wait on her to say something?

    • My guess is she’s trying to get your attention. It’s worth a lot to find out why someone you chat with each day, tries to get your attention. So my thought, based on my experiences only, is to shift from chatting at her to listening to her. So don’t push. I’d wait for a week before I’d reach out to her and even then go slowly. Here’s piece I wrote on this. Out of the Blue My only clue was your phrase “without anything”. So this is a “without anything you were aware of” situation.

      Of course I may be off, on this. Good luck.

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