Lambertson Lake, Idaho

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Winter 2007

I've got a moment to give some more info about Lambertson and Beaver Lakes.  They are both on land that was originally part of the large Clagstone Ranch set up in the first decade of 1900 by Paul Clagstone.  When we showed up in this area in 1985 the land had long been owned by Pack River Lumber.  It was open and the roads, if a little iffy, were passable.  There were two entrances to this 10,000 acre area: from the east up Twin Rivers Road and from the South from the Kelso Lake area. 
IFI bought the land from Pack River and kept the roads open for some time, logged a little, and eventually closed the roads (originally insurance reasons I think) to vehicle traffic.  During those days (90s), people could ride horses in and walk in.  Both Lakes (Beaver and Lambertson) were stocked with trout and there was a lot of fishing.  Docks were built out onto the lakes and during the summer, rowboats were tied to the docks.   IFI was a pretty friendly group of people, posting signs for catch and release to anyone who fished either lake.   Anyone who walked in could fish. 
IFI closed its doors and sold the land to Stimson Lumber.   This was a very different group of people.  They seemed much more  “corporate” and “closed”.   We worked with them to open up a bit.  That seemed to help.   They still have locked gates and No Trespassing signs all over.  They have really logged a lot of the area.  Both lakes remain, of course, but are no longer stocked or visited much.  Lambertson, which had a large population of trout, seems almost sterile now.  I think the trout that were planted died out or were removed by the Osprey that lived by the lake.  Only fish we see are little catfish.  The docks have slowly decayed, but are still there.  The boats, stored in a garage near Beaver Lake in the winter, are still there, also. 
I doubt that anyone walking in will be bothered by the Stimson people – mostly loggers or foresters.
Lambertson seems a bit drab after its wild hayday in the IFI times.  They even built a stone barbeque by the lake for the pleasure of the visitors.  It is getting covered by bushes and surrounded by knapweed.   Still in spring and summer it is peaceful.   
While there are a couple of other smallish bodies of waters in the area (one we call Moose Lake is right to the north of Beaver Lake up a hill), these are the only two large lakes in the area.    Some of these sloughs are kind of seasonal – filling in the spring and dry by summer's end.
Living right next to the south gate, we have had the run and the ride (with horses) of the place for 20 years.   There is now another road into the area from the Southwest, and another from the West – all gated and locked.   The caretaker (Tommy Johnson), who has been there since before the IFI period, is a generally friendly guy.

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