Chapman Lake, Washington

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Enjoy this quiet moment after the Remembrance for Ted and Martha Eby.  6/26/05  Sandra Turtle and Donya Jenicke on the Memorial Bench.

So many people find this picture, I wonder!  If you find it, please let me know what brings you here.  I am at and you might put a title for your email of Chapman Lake.

For the rest of you, my purpose in this website is to help people get along with each other.  I have put, and will continue to put, the wisdom, the tricks, the cool ideas, and the theory about great relationships between intimate partners.  However, I am fully aware that all these thoughts are just as important in the many other relationship: parent/child, brother/sister, friend/friend, boss/employee, nation/nation, politician/citizen, etc.  Read, learn, practice, enjoy and make yourself into a person who is more fun to be around.   Al Turtle 2005

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Chapman Lake, Washington — 1 Comment

  1. I book marked your site a while back, not sure how a ran across it anymore. I grew up in Cheney and spent many days fishing here at Chapman lake, always loved it here one of the calmer lakes and always quiet. You also have several pictures of Priest Lake, which is a special place for me. My family had a cabin there throughout my childhood and spent so much time there. Just looking at your pictures calms me.

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