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Marriage Help!:  I've never met anyone whose marriage couldn't use some help.  We don't know how to solve everything.  If our parents had trouble, they didn't know how to solve everything and thus they couldn't teach us.  As some point each of us run up against problems that we don't have the tools to solve.  The wise thing to do at that point is to learn. Start to study.  Look for people who have solved that trouble.  Try new things.  Read books.  Get help.  And don't wait.  Most couples that come to me seem to wait until the very last moment.

I suggest you look for someone or some program that has proven itself.  Pick a person who has a great marriage.

I have seen thousands of couples and helping people make better marriages is a joy to me.  (Learn more about me and my wife, Sandra.)

You might start by going to my Main Page to get an idea of this website.  I've also created a page of One-Liners that have helped me and that I share.  You can get explanations for those ideas by clicking on them.  You might want to start with the page I created to guide people at this site.  You might want to jump right in to learning what is going on in marriages and what to do. Or perhaps you want a specific answer to a specific problem.  Try searching the site or look at my page on solving problems.

When in doubt, email me, Al Turtle.  I will try to direct you.

As a gift, I want you to get the marriage of your dreams and I believe that

“It takes one to make a marriage and two to make a divorce. ”

So go for it?


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