Better Marriages

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Better Marriages:  I believe this is your right, and you are designed for it.  And I believe it is very possible. It just takes effort. This site is dedicated to sharing with you what I believe you need to do to make this happen.  Thank you for visiting, and enjoy.

I have seen thousands of couples and helping people make better marriages is a joy to me.  (Learn more about me and my wife, Sandra.)

You might start by going to my Main Page to get an idea of this website.  I've also created a page of One-Liners that have helped me and that I share.  You can get explanations for those ideas by clicking on them.  You might want to start with the page I created to guide people at this site.  You might want to jump right in to learning what is going on in marriages and what to do. Or perhaps you want a specific answer to a specific problem.  Try searching the site or look at my page on solving problems.

When in doubt, email me, Al Turtle.  I will try to direct you.

As a gift, I want you to get the marriage of your dreams and I believe that

“It takes one to make a marriage and two to make a divorce. ”

So go for it?


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