Camera takes smile pictures. — 1 Comment

  1. Well don’t know So much About The Mind of the girl’s But I known If your Loves is fake The Girl will come Faster toward you, If your love is true Then it will take little bit of time to come Back ,first know or find the reason why has she leafed u then just say sorry, some time Girl r very angry with us but time is the best dealer ,First known that is there any tension or Some depression to our girl friend Then According to do Situation Handle the Situation Take the advise of friend, Elder AND most important Listen to your heart if you decided to take a step n if heart say’s it wrong then control our self Don’t be so emotional N sad just think n Have a hope That u will get her back into your life last N most important think if your LOVE is true you will get her If your LOVE is fake is never get her.

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