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Upper Priest Lake, Idaho — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Maggie,
    Upper Priest Lake has always held a magical place in my heart. I have managed to get up there probably 6 times in my life.
    Used to be much harder. It is quite a treck to the north end of Priest Lake. Gotta have some sort of boat. Then have to row, paddle, or motor slowly up that Thoroughfare. Often see moose. Often see large fish. Always love the cedar and hemlocks along the way.
    Then the upper lake spreads out before me. Just where this picture was taken. And I breathe deep.
    This weekend the trip was vastly easier because of the friend and her boat. Got to visit two time in two days. Hallelujah!
    Thanks for sharing your kind words and memories with me.

  2. Wow! I thought i saw the water move… What a beautiful picture. I was raised in Washington state and went to a camp at Priest Lake, ID for several summers as a child. I love the atmosphere there. So very lovely.
    I really enjoy your articles. If everyone could do what you suggest, what a wonderful world it would be. Thank you for your website and for caring so much for others.

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