Help, Join In, Leave your footprint (testimonials welcome)

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We are going to be reaching out to people beyond this blog.  This is a project dear to my heart.  

Your suggestions could really shape the future here!  I see this website as a mind full of “gold” which people have to dig for.  I didn’t build it that way.  It just happened.  If you were to chat with me, I carry all the material in my head and can just answer questions.  People seem to love that.  What would be helpful: more recordings, workbooks, seminars by phone, what? 

Your words, experiences, and testimonials are also really valuable to me and to this effort.  Please consider freely sharing with me in what ways those things I have freely shared with you has helped you, your friends, and your world. 

Send your thoughts to   That’s it.  Thanks so much.  


Oh, and you can Donate to help.

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